New Font

I’ve just discovered a new monospace font called “Terminus”.

It’s the default font for the ubuntu text-only console, and to me it looks pretty great, but generally only in text-only console mode.

Why?? Welp, text only-console mode is not antialiased, and Terminus is a bitmapped font. So in console mode it shows up perfectly crisp: every single pixel in the font illuminates one pixel on the screen.

The problem happens when you try to use Terminus with a gui; it gets antialiased, smudged a bit, and doesn’t look good.

I have in the past tried to code using only the linux console but it can be cumbersome to change the keyboard layout or to, say, view a pdf.

Luckily, I just discovered a now-obvious way to simulate the looks of a text-only console, while still keeping the X server running — turning off antialiasing!

It looks a bit weird it some places, sure, but Firefox does its own antialiasing so only some things are choppy.

And the terminal is beautiful! Every pixel has it’s own spot :)

Charles, etc